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 Most Norwegians are descendants of Vikings like the Swedes and
 Danes. The country is rich in culture and has more than 21,000 km
 of coastline.
 Official Name  Kingdom of Norway
 Form of Government  Constitutional monarchy with one Parliament
 Capital  Oslo
 Area  324,220 sq km
 Time zone  GMT + 1 hour
 Time (Oslo)  
 Population  4,600,000 approx
 Official Language  Norwegian
 Other Languages  Lapp and Finnish
 Currency  Norwegian krone
 Economy  Services 61%, Industry 36%, agriculture 3%
 Climate  Cold in north, temperate and wet on coast
 Highest Point  Glittertind 2,472 m
 Main Sports  
 Notable Landmarks  
 Official website Government Tourism
 If you have cousins, relatives or friends in Norway, they can become part of your core group receiving benefits just like you and me and my family. Standard STD call charges apply to call this country from Australia.

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